Welcome to NowStudio! 

NowStudio, was created 18 yrs ago, first in a tiny garden apt on Webster in Bucktown and now in it’s present location in Logan Square.  I mainly want people to feel better.  I want them to feel better physically and mentally.   I use CranialSacral Therapy, Reflexology and Intuition.   I’ve studied with all the best people.  John UpLedger for CranialSacral, Laura Norman for Reflexology.  Intutives like Laura Day, Sonia Choquette and Doreen Virtue.  Astrologers: Susan Miller and The Astro Twins.

If you’re interested in developing your more intuitive self, need a kickstart to boost your body’s own healing abilities, be more mind/body conscious, I’m the person you should come see.

Good things happen when you are able to  relax.  The  brain and body work better when you give it a chance to do so.  It can help you think better, feel better and you’ll do better and be happier.

2 locations:  Logan Square, 2515 N. California and now Downtown,  Thursdays at 79 W. Monroe. Chicago.  All hours are by appointment.