Welcome to NowStudio!  (Naturally Organic Wellness)

What is NowStudio about?  It’s a place to heal and help your body relax it’s nervous system  It’s a place to learn what is going on within yourself. It’s a place to be present and focus on today this moment.

If you’re interested in developing your more intuitive self, need a kickstart to boost your bodies healing abilities for a condition or just preventative medicine, NowStudio is the place.  I like to help people get more in touch with the things they often don’t pay attention to.  NowStudio is more about helping relax the nervous system so that a  body can start the healing process.  Good things happen when you are able to  relax.  The  brain and body work better when you give it a chance to do so.  It can help you think better, feel better and you’ll do better and be happier.  Which in turn can help you be more creative so you can see all the things that the universe wants you to learn, know to grow into what you should do to be on your perfect path.