About me

sketchmeWell, long before I did what I do now, I graduated from DePaul University in 1989 all the while woking full-time and attending classes nights and weekends.  I received a BA in Communications. When I graduated, I worked as a personal assistant, and I had a nice career being an assistant.  I was really good at it and I worked for many interesting people here in Chicago, Richard Driehaus and John Davis of Geja’s fame to name a couple.

Anyway, along that path, I found I was really busy with travel and barely had time to enjoy all the fruits of my hard work with my friends and family, the universe made me slow down by putting me in the path of a drunk driver.  It forever changed my life and I am lucky to be alive.   While I was being read the last rites at the hospital,  I made a deal that if I lived,  I would change my life to help people.  It was a long journey from then till now.

I was  in pain for many years after the accident and I met a wonderful doctor, than who told  me to try massage and other alternative methods, all of which helped me more then what other doctors wanted for me.  I knew then at some point, that was the way I would help others.    I would use these natural techniques that helped me and I would focus on helping others though these methods to be happier, healthier and have more balance in their lives.  Now, I’m just trying to spread my knowledge one person at a time now

Nourhy is a Licensed and Nationally Certified Massage Therapist. She graduated from the Soma Institute in ’98 and is Certified in Reflexology, studying with Laura Norman in New York at the Laura Norman School of Reflexology in 2000.

She is Certified with the UpLedger Institute in CranioSacral Therapies I and II, trained and  Certified in Lypossage through the original trainers of Lypossage. She is also certified as an Angel Therapy Practitioner studying with Doreen Virtue, PhD., completed Six Sensory Training with Sonia Choquette. She does Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist through the Wellness Institute.  She is also Certified in the practice of Bach Flower Essences and PetMassage training;  She is also Reiki Master and Akaschic Record Reader.

Nourhy has studied with top US intuitives, Doreen Virtue, Ph.D, Laura Day, Astrologist Susan Miller and Chicago Medium, Sonia Choquette, PH.D

Nourhy enjoys designing Jewelry using the healing power of natural stones, photography and traveling to various places around the world and getting Massages and learning what techniques they use in places like Japan and Europe. She is a native Chicagoan and is currently in Logan Square.