Don’t let your mind bully you

Don't let your mind bully your body

Don’t let your mind bully your body


Don’t let your mind bully your body! What does that mean?  It means that we need to give ourselves a break sometimes.  I’m not a big fan of counting calories.  I hate denying myself a treat every now and then.  It’s the middle of winter and  it’s cold and my body wants comfort food.  So I give in and I’m okay with that.  I’ve made peace with that.  I love my body and that means that maybe I will have to try to walk a little more or park further away to take more steps but if that allows me to eat what I want, I will be okay with that.  I want my body to work for me so I want to treat it well.   I give my body love and I take care of it so it doesn’t’ revolt.  it does what it needs to do and I love and appreciate it.    If you hate your body then your mind is in control and being a bully.  Your mind and your body need to become friends and help each other out.  Your body can do amazing things when the mind is in sync.  Everything in moderation is better then denying yourself.  Food is life and life is love and loving yourself is feeding the body good foods and a little indulgence now and then.

New Year Skincare Secrets

Happy New Year Year Peeps!  I thought it be fun to start doing more videos and just spur of the moment wanted to talk about a couple of skincare products that I use…people ask me all the time what I use so why not?  I really believe in being proactive about taking care of yourself, before you have problems.  It’s preventive medicine which includes skincare.  I am just trying to age gracefully and take care of my skin and at almost 51 this year I think I am doing a pretty good job.     I am pulling myself out of my comfort zone and making a video…I know it’s not the best quality, but I’m not a professional so please be kind…I’m just going to keep practicing and hopefully get better at making video and talking about things that matter to me.


Lose the anger

The more you work out the less angry you will feel emotionally, that is compared to the anger you might get if say you were laying around all day on the couch.  Seems that people who spend a lot of time being couch potatoes feel more frustrated and in turn get angrier then people who get moderate exercise.

It makes a lot of sense if you think about it…spending too much time being inactive, can make a person cranky.  Maybe, it’s because we are really mad at ourselves for wasting time and then our own  undirected anger turns into directed anger at the first person we can throw it towards.  It’s like trapped energy and we wasted it and it’s turned toxic, so the body wants to get rid of it.

A more constructive way to direct that trapped energy, would be to work out more.  Move that trapped energy and boost the level of serotonin – a soothing neurotransmitter that puts us in a calmer, more constructive mind-set than lazing around all day.



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We care what people say because we don’t trust ourselves

We can what people say because we don’t trust ourselves.  Its true.  Everyday you see or hear people on social media stating how so and so said this to them and how much it bothers them.  We whine and complain…it bothers us and we need to vent.  If it didn’t bother us then we’d have nothing to write about.

The older I’m getting the more I don’t care what people think.  I so wish I had that when I was younger.  I was and I still am a people pleaser, but now I am just choosier about who I want to be around and that has been huge.  I don’t waste my time with a lot of people anymore and I would rather be alone then be with people I don’t have anything to talk with.  ….Wow, I could go on and on about this, but I should make this another post.  Anyway, my point in this post is about trusting yourself.

When I was in my early 20’s I met a woman (who is now sort of famous) for a reading.  It was $50 at the time and she told me all this stuff about myself.  We talked a lot and all the typical things that psychics say were said.  Love, relationships, work.  Some it was really good and some kind of strange.    At one point she said “you are never going to be intuitive”  and I never forgot that.  It bothered me for years.   10 years after that first reading and by now I had become a healer I wound up taking the same woman’s class about intuition.   At somepoint we had a photo session and she just looked at me at said “do you know that your a healer” and that “you are very intuitive” and I just looked at her and said “yes, I know”.  I think that was the best moment of the whole class for me because I really hadn’t learned anything new in that class…it made me realize that I was on the right path and it was funny that she never remembered me and that now she had changed her tune and trying to get people to use their intuition.

When you have good intuition about stuff, you don’t care about what people think, you do the best you can for yourself because you trust yourself and the process and you know that you are going in the right direction, now matter what anyone else tells you.  You don’t listen to their comments and let it bother you.  You keep being brave enough to follow that inner voice and do what makes you happy.  You are never going to be happy if don’t learn to trust yourself.  Be your own best intuitive and when you work with someone like me you feel good about the answers because it feel right.

– N


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Why you should Love yourself the most.

Give yourself a hug!

Go on and give yourself a hug!

Most people think that love is about sacrifice and showing others how much you love them by giving and giving till they have nothing left to give.   That couldn’t be further from the truth…you have to love yourself the most, so that you can love and give to others in a healthy way.  When you love yourself most, you attract people that love you too and they treat you well. That in turn give you strength to do what you need to get done on this planet.  People who love you are the support system that helps you on your path towards attaining your dreams and working your goals.  Support gets you through the tough times and guides you to success.

When you love yourself, it becomes easier to see the people that don’t support you and you can have compassion for their negative vibes and you don’t let that affect you.  You just let it go with love and light.  All people we come into contact have something to teach us and we have something to teach them.

Love and happiness are an attractive combination.  When you got it, you can attract all kinds of wonderful things into your life.  You become a magnet for positive experiences and people, even romance if you want.  You become a flower that attracts the bees.



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Just let go

let go and let life happen

let go and let life happen

Drink up! Save your Skin Improve your Health


Before and after 4 wks of drinking water

Before and after 4 wks of drinking water  Sarah’s image Via The Daily Mail

I can’t tell you how many people I have met that complained about headaches and other health issues and just asked if they drank enough water and they told me they tried but they just never really thought about it.  Seriously…start drinking more water!   Just  look at the photo evidence!

Don’t feel guilty about that morning cup of coffee, some caffeine is good for your metabolism.  It’s that 3 -6 or more cups a day habit that keep you wired and then you can’t sleep and sleep is also very important for your overall health.  Yes, coffee has water but it’s a diuretic and it will make you dehydrated.

Sarah Smith was suffering from chronic headaches when her neurologist suggested she drink more water. She went from drinking three glasses of water a day to three liters a day for one month and recorded the results in a photo diary.  Her before and after photos are amazing!

After her fourth week of increasing her water intake, she said, “I genuinely can’t believe the difference in my face. I look like a different woman. The dark shadows around my eyes have all but disappeared and the blotches have gone. My skin is almost as dewy as it was when I was a child.”

Her pictures and story should be enough to convince you to give it a try, after all who doesn’t want to look and feel better.

Daily Mail

leap of faith

Jump...take a leap of faith

Jump…take a leap of faith

Having faith that things will work out is not easy when things are not going to well in your life.  But that is exactly what you need to do, is to trust the process.  You have to let go of the idea that things are going to follow the exact plan you’ve laid out in your mind.

The universe wants to help you and if you do the “work” then you will be on the path.  Every now and then the path will require you to jump a hurdle.  Some hurdles will be small and easy and you can see clearly to the other side, while others will be long and hard and you won’t know what you will find on the other side.  Some people get rewarded quickly and others still have more time to serve towards their goals.  Sometime people give up, just when they are so close.  They will never know how close they were because they just gave up.  They lost faith in themselves.

Don’t lose faith…if it’s really important to you.  Please keep going.  Life is too short not to try and find out what is waiting for you if you jump.



We hate when our friends are succesful

Okay I admit it.. I’m a big Morrissey fan.  I  love that his songs tell stories and have meaning.  I guess it’s a nice way of making some heavy things sound not so bad.  Music has a way of doing that.

One song that has always stuck with me is “We hate it when our friends become successful”

We usually meet people because we have common interests.  When we are kids we are all an somewhat equal footing, so our friendships are all about growing together, experiencing some of the firsts of our lives.  Most of the time we grow out of these friendships or drift apart because of families moving or school district changes.  When your very young you don’t notice differences that easily.  Kids may fight for a toy they don’t have but it’s a simple want.  As you get older, the wants become more complicated.  One is not born jealous. The jealously comes from comparing ourselves to each other.

It’s hard to be happy when you’re in a bad place.  When your in a bad place it’s hard to have a good attitude about life…you get stuck and your energy and your imagination and your creativity have left you so when you see on facebook that your friends has gotten some big promotion you may like their status but your are left with the feeling “why not me?”

When something good happens to someone, people aren’t always that happy for that person.  Basically, the unhappy people were already in that unhappy place, so jealously or resentment pops up.  Sometimes both.   It’s the American way to be nice to people and behind their backs resent them.

My Aussie friends tell me that they call it the “Tall Poppy” syndrome.  They like to cut down people to size  because no one should outshine someone else.    Personally, I think all the Aussies I’ve met are lovely forward thinking people, I wish I was one!  Mind you I’m okay being who I am.  My life is not perfect, but I have had some very nice moments that I am very happy with.  I’m pretty happy but I have learned to distance myself from people because as an intuitive I feel their energy.  I like being happy for myself and for others but people even think that’s weird.  Strange that most people find it weird to be happy for others.   I’m like the person on Facebook that “likes” pretty much everything, LOL   But that’s because I don’t want to live my life like a Morrissey song.






Count Your Blessings

prayingotter  Everyday that you are alive is an opportunity to show your gratitude.    Be thankful for what you have and when you are able, share it with others.  The more you share…your time, your knowledge, your support or even your money if your able, the more you will get back.

At the end of the day count those blessing and thank God for giving you that opportunity and be willing to do it again and again.  You are on this planet to make a difference and everyday you have a chance to start.  It doesn’t matter how much or how little you do, it’s just about doing.