The Worry Game

People worry about the strangest things and so many of their fears are about things that are totally out of their control.  If we could predict what was going to happen, would it make you worry any less?  Probably not, so maybe channel that energy into something more positive.

Constantly being worried about what “might happen” could keep you from making progress about actually doing something that could have great benefits to you in your life.  Fear could be holding you back from enjoying life fully.  Worrying about the future is a waste of your energy.  You can’t control the future, but you can control how you react.  Focusing on the present and what’s going on now is more helpful.  Not letting your mind get too ahead to start manufacturing fear is a start.  Fears are usually learned behaviors and sometimes we have picked them up from our parents and they picked them up from their parents.  It can really affect whole families and keep people from living out their dreams.

Start thinking about what is holding you back?  What kind of worries and fears can you let go?  Don’t you think you deserve to be happy and live fully, without being afraid?  It’s really up to you.

2 books to read:  The Seat of the Soul, by Gary Zukav and The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown









Make your skin glow

All you need is some fruit, a little liquid like Coconut water, plain water or Apple Cider (my personal fave), you can throw in some herbs or spices and whala, you’ve got yourself a Health drink!

I make one with a cup of blueberries, a cup of pineapple chunks (you can use canned and use the juice too) and a cup of Apple Cider.   I love that one.  Lots of antioxidants for your eye health and great for your digestive system.   Have fun and make your own health drinks!

Makes your skin glow

Makes your skin glow

The 9 yr old who flew away

By now most people have heard about the 9 yr old kid who hopped on a plane and flew to Las Vegas. He’s 9 yrs old and he did that all by himself? I think it’s amazing. True, it’s sad that he got away from his parents or that they didn’t take the time to see he had been “researching” before hand. I don’t know what is going on at home but I really don’t believe he is a trouble maker as much as the kid is bored and needs some

I think this kid is the definition of “gifted”. He’s a problem solver and he’s only 9. Some adults I know can’t do anything alone, LOL. Seriously, I’m sure people think that a gifted child should be well-behaved…that is not always the case, a lot of very bright kids act out because they are just bored. They don’t have enough simulation in their lives.

It’s sad to hear that he got “violent” instead of saying he had a temper tantrum. I dare anyone with a kid to say their kid never had a temper tantrum that was really bad. I’ve seen plenty in the middle of toy isles at Target when the kid was hitting the mom or spitting and screaming. Kids can’t and aren’t mature to handle their emotions so that’s how it comes out. It makes me sad that at only 9 he is already being labeled a criminal. The only crime this kid had committed is having the guts to follow his imagination. I wish I could hug him and I hope he gets better emotional support.

What are you really saying when you say “Just Saying”

Dr.SuessIt’s almost impossible to have not been read a Dr. Seuss story as a kid.  Dr. Seuss characters are instantly recognizable by most people around the world and the quotes are often sprinkled in speeches to inspire and empower in their simple easy to understand language.

We read them and we all agree “Hey’ I can relate”  and we get some positive references to use, but even though we agree and we often don’t practice this manner of thinking in our real life speech or thought.  Why?  Because, we simply want to be liked.

Nobody wants to be different, we want to be part of the group and when you speak your truth it can be scary if people don’t agree.  Some people will not like what you have to say or argue or maybe just hate you based on what you say or think.

I’ve noticed many Facebook posts ending in “Just Sayin”.  It’s a strange way to end a powerful often negatively worded belief that you just stated…it’s like a slap in the face!  It’s not really nice either…no matter how you think your using it, the truth is that your not ready to take responsibilty for your words. The writer or speaker believes that they really didn’t say anything negative or upsetting and that creates a confusing interpersonal dynamic. It’s like a quick exit at the end of sentenance and you don’t want to defend your claim. How can you believe in something if your not willing to back it up. That’s exactly what your doing and your willing to hurt people but try to absolve yourself in the process. That kind of thinking will just get people turned off and if you keep using it just shows a passive aggressive nature.

If you want to be really liked, then be more thoughtful. Listen more. Think before you speak. Be clear and concise. Keep it simple. Say what you mean and mean what you say…Dr. Seuss would be happy to know you’ve learn the lesson.








Little by little

I told myself that I would try to post something on the blog everyday.  I haven’t done it “everyday” yet but I’m trying.  I figure if I can make it a habit to get a few words out then it will become easier.  Anything worth doing is always done with some effort 🙂

KISS method

I once had a boss named Ron.   Ron was a very smart man and he taught me the value of listening, never assuming and the Kiss method.

Most people talk more then they listen and if you want to be a good problem solver, then listen more and do less talking.  He was an amazing sales person and he really good sell anybody anything…he really made you feel as if you really mattered.  He was a very confident person and very warm and friendly.  He was also very wealthy when I worked for him, but he had not grown up wealthy.  He always said he made his money by paying attention, not talking too much and listening to the customer.  That said he was a great customer himself and he couldn’t stand when sales people talked too much.

He hated when people “assumed things”….he always said “never assume” anything.  Always be prepared, he said.

Now everyone has their own version of the KISS method.  Ron always liked to “Keep It Simple”  but the extra S sometimes stood for Stupid, Silly or a variety of yiddish slang terms, depending on his mood.  He was very smart man, who worked hard and made a fortune and loved to spend it.    He was a funny character for sure.

Sometimes I wonder where all the common sense has gone in the world because people make things much harder then they need to be.  There is just too much extra work because people make extra work rather then using the KISS method.  Don’t make extra work if you don’t have to.  Just work smarter and maybe you’ll make your fortune like Ron.







Sometimes you wonder…

Yes, sometimes I wonder about people.  I wonder about their beliefs and why they are so different from mine or why is it so hard for them to understand me.  I thought I was pretty easy.  Maybe I’m not….and they are not.  It’s all Facebook’s fault.

Facebook gives everyone a platform to make them feel important.  Anyone can have a “profound revelation” and post it on their page so we can agree on how clever it is.   I try to be pretty fair with my likes….I give them away…I’m pretty active.  But lately, I’ve been feeling that it’s pretty one sided.  There are always people that no matter how much you like their stuff, they will never like your stuff back.

I guess that wouldn’t be so bad, but say you write something in support of whatever they posted and then you notice that other people got likes on those comments and somehow you were not one of those that got an acknowledgement…was it an overlook?  Maybe but maybe not… when you notice it’s repeated again and again…you start to wonder why they even asked to be your Facebook friend or why you want to be their friend.  At least, I have actually made some real friends because of Facebook because you get invited to things, that hasn’t been so bad.

People get collected on Facebook.  They are collected like coins and valued for the likes.  Occasionally, there are some good conversations but mostly a lot of bragging.  It gets annoying for sure.   I still “like” other peoples stuff..even if they don’t always “like” mine.   Facebook is not the best place for thoughtful people or people who want everything to be fair.   Most days I really don’t care but every now and then  I just notice stuff and I start wondering again.  I gotta stop, LOL

A prayer of healing

"Casting a  stone across the waters" I ask the universe for healing to be sent to those in need of comfort from stress, from abuse, from worry, from loneliness, from injuries, from lack of work,from lack of food, from violence, from war, from bullying and whatever people are suffering from.. Whatever is keeping people down and causing them not to be their best, their brightest Especially, the children. The children who will never grow up and get to accomplish their life’s purpose.  I pray that we all can find some light to show us the way for change and growth and to come together, letting go of differences, and helping each other to heal our spirits and heal the earth.

Holding Pattern

Are you in a “holding pattern”? What is holding you back from being the best possible version that you can be? Fear, unworthiness, loathing, or just plain lazyness might be some of the answers…it also be a combination. Or it could just be your bad with follow-through, but that would be lazyness, which seems to be the worst culprit. You have to do the work on yourself. You have to figure out how to make the most of your talents and you have to learn to forgive and let go of the past to let the future in.

I was talking to someone today that had a dream to open a yoga/art studio on a farm, and she asked if she should do it…I asked if she had her teacher yoga training certificate and she said no. I said, don’t you think you should study yoga before you undertake something like that? She hadn’t thought about that. She just thought yoga was fun and something spiritual. Plus, she knew nothing about running a business. You can’t jump from A to D without doing the steps inbetween to be successful. You have to do the work to make something work. You have to take baby steps and learn what you need to learn if you ever want to make the dream real. Day dreaming about a possible yoga studio does no good if you don’t learn what it takes to run it.

Lots of people have big dreams. Dreams are good. The problem is that most people don’t realized how much work it takes to make the dream happen. A lot of people give up half-way there or just to the bare minimum to keep it afloat so it never realizes it’s full potential and even more just really didn’t do enough of the homework or research to see if it was really something they could feel passionate about. It all boils down to fear. Figure out your fear and you will start making progress.

If you’ve been doing your best to solve personal problems, have tried all the usual methods, and are still feeling blocked, perhaps it’s time for a deeper approach. Traditional counseling can help you recognize your patterns, but can’t truly resolve them. Meditation can help you temporarily relax, but won’t eliminate the source of your stress. Sometimes it’s necessary to work with someone who can provide insight as well as help move energy, so you can make a shift.


Salvador Dali once said “if you don’t tweet your own horn, who will?”   He was the master of self-promotion and it’s true…if you don’t believe in yourself, then how do you expect others to believe in you.  In some ways we all have to market ourselves, even if you don’t sell a product, you are still “selling yourself”.   In this age of social media…you are your own brand.  So make the most of it and if you have any talent and you want recognition then make sure you tell people about it.  Don’t just think that people can read your mind.  Show people what you can do if you want people to know about it.  Talk about it, don’t be shy.  If you are shy, think of this as an opportunity to grow and gain more confidence.  Make it fun.  it doesn’t have to be a chore.   Everybody should learn how to “sell” themselves…it’s a skill that can help in a job interview, a first date or even meeting new friends in new social circles.  Put your best foot forward 🙂

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