We hate when our friends are succesful

Okay I admit it.. I’m a big Morrissey fan.  I  love that his songs tell stories and have meaning.  I guess it’s a nice way of making some heavy things sound not so bad.  Music has a way of doing that.

One song that has always stuck with me is “We hate it when our friends become successful”   http://youtu.be/PshpA-XRztM

We usually meet people because we have common interests.  When we are kids we are all an somewhat equal footing, so our friendships are all about growing together, experiencing some of the firsts of our lives.  Most of the time we grow out of these friendships or drift apart because of families moving or school district changes.  When your very young you don’t notice differences that easily.  Kids may fight for a toy they don’t have but it’s a simple want.  As you get older, the wants become more complicated.  One is not born jealous. The jealously comes from comparing ourselves to each other.

It’s hard to be happy when you’re in a bad place.  When your in a bad place it’s hard to have a good attitude about life…you get stuck and your energy and your imagination and your creativity have left you so when you see on facebook that your friends has gotten some big promotion you may like their status but your are left with the feeling “why not me?”

When something good happens to someone, people aren’t always that happy for that person.  Basically, the unhappy people were already in that unhappy place, so jealously or resentment pops up.  Sometimes both.   It’s the American way to be nice to people and behind their backs resent them.

My Aussie friends tell me that they call it the “Tall Poppy” syndrome.  They like to cut down people to size  because no one should outshine someone else.    Personally, I think all the Aussies I’ve met are lovely forward thinking people, I wish I was one!  Mind you I’m okay being who I am.  My life is not perfect, but I have had some very nice moments that I am very happy with.  I’m pretty happy but I have learned to distance myself from people because as an intuitive I feel their energy.  I like being happy for myself and for others but people even think that’s weird.  Strange that most people find it weird to be happy for others.   I’m like the person on Facebook that “likes” pretty much everything, LOL   But that’s because I don’t want to live my life like a Morrissey song.