leap of faith

Jump...take a leap of faith

Jump…take a leap of faith

Having faith that things will work out is not easy when things are not going to well in your life.  But that is exactly what you need to do, is to trust the process.  You have to let go of the idea that things are going to follow the exact plan you’ve laid out in your mind.

The universe wants to help you and if you do the “work” then you will be on the path.  Every now and then the path will require you to jump a hurdle.  Some hurdles will be small and easy and you can see clearly to the other side, while others will be long and hard and you won’t know what you will find on the other side.  Some people get rewarded quickly and others still have more time to serve towards their goals.  Sometime people give up, just when they are so close.  They will never know how close they were because they just gave up.  They lost faith in themselves.

Don’t lose faith…if it’s really important to you.  Please keep going.  Life is too short not to try and find out what is waiting for you if you jump.