Lose the anger

The more you work out the less angry you will feel emotionally, that is compared to the anger you might get if say you were laying around all day on the couch.  Seems that people who spend a lot of time being couch potatoes feel more frustrated and in turn get angrier then people who get moderate exercise.

It makes a lot of sense if you think about it…spending too much time being inactive, can make a person cranky.  Maybe, it’s because we are really mad at ourselves for wasting time and then our own  undirected anger turns into directed anger at the first person we can throw it towards.  It’s like trapped energy and we wasted it and it’s turned toxic, so the body wants to get rid of it.

A more constructive way to direct that trapped energy, would be to work out more.  Move that trapped energy and boost the level of serotonin – a soothing neurotransmitter that puts us in a calmer, more constructive mind-set than lazing around all day.



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