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whitefiveqMeet Nourhy of NowStudio – February 14, 2013

“NowStudio is unique as a setting because it’s not a sterile clinical environment nor a store front. It looks like a home, it’s filled with art and cozy furniture, and I have a beautiful treatment room in which I’ve painted the walls to look like a birch forest. I wanted to be a space that I love to come to work because I spend so much time. I love decorating and people love all the little things too.”

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Nourhy_webHolistic Body & Energy Healing – December 2012

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Mindful Metropolis

mindfulcover2010A One-on-One Experience at Now Studio – January 2010

The studio is a hidden gem providing holistic, one-on-one services, that are perfectly suited for each client. No matter if you are a seasoned spa lover like me or a newcomer to the world of healing, Now offers a unique experience that is hard to forget.

The post-holiday season begs us all to take a break from big gatherings and to shift the gift- giving focus inward. Now Studio gives you that cozy, much needed retreat we all crave at the end of a busy social schedule.

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Meet: massage therapist Nourhy – January 14, 2009

The great the thing about Nourhy is her ability to switch on the holistic “talk” if you’re into it, or shut it off if you’re not. After all, the best way for healing to work, she says, is if you come at it with an open heart. And if the words “Chakra” or “cranial sacral” freak you out, then there’s no reason to hear them.

“I have a lot of clients that are business people. I don’t need to get into all that energy stuff,” she says. After all, the result is still the same. “My intent is still to send them out feeling better than when they came in.”

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Chicago Tribune

tribpress2Let’s hear it for natural remedies – June 24, 2008

Craniosacral massage was developed by William Sutherland, who studied osteopathy in the late 1800s in Missouri. When Sutherland discovered that skull bones could be adjusted, he came up with this method of gentle massage to ease aches and pains — focusing specifically on the tiny muscles connecting the head and neck. The therapy is meant to correct imbalances around the brain and spinal cord. Get it at NOW Studio. $90 for 60 minutes; at least two visits are recommended.

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Today’s Chicago Woman

Your Winter Whine – February 2008

By analyzing the ebb and flow of fluids throughout my body, my aesthetician can find trouble areas and make minor physical corrections to my spine and skull. Nourhy Chiriboga, the owner, had me lie fully clothed on a table, and she began… gently touching the bottoms of my ankles. This went on for about ten minutes. I was skeptical until she moved to the back of my neck, then to just below my cheekbones, at which point my mind was reduced to a free-floating blissful state. I felt heavier when I was done, which Chiriboga chalked up to a sense of newfound groundedness. Rock. Oh, and no more sniffles.

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Today’s Chicago Woman

TCW2007ALTERNATIVE CURE – September 2007

Having suffered from chronic sinus problems her entire life, our beauty editor Valerie Simmons was a little skeptical when Nourhy Chiriboga, 44, a Certified Reflexologist, offered to cure her of her nasal ailment—for good. Yet, after just 3 visits to Nourhy’s Bucktown studio NOW (which stands for Nourhy on Webster), Valerie said her sinuses felt clearer and she hasn’t had a sinus infection since. Curious, we sat down with Nourhy to learn more. While she can’t make any promises, Nourhy believes her method of healing can do a great deal of good.

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DCpress (1)SOLE SEARCHING – March 27, 2006

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Chicago Social

Now Studio - Chicago Social Magazine

SOLE SEARCH – February 2006, Pg. 105

“If you’re in need of a serious distress treatment, but aren’t keen on stripping for a stranger during a massage, there’s a new clothes-on alternative that might be worth a try. It’s called Reflexology, and the concept is actually quite simple. Each part of your foot is connected to a different gland or organ, so pressure on your feet can soothe the corresponding part of your body. “Your feet are the gateway to your soul”, explains local Reflexologist, Nourhy Chiriboga. If you prefer intimate at-home treatments over a hectic salon experience, call Nourhy, a certified Reflexologist, who runs her one-person pampering biz out of a bucktown apartment.” K.K.

TimeOut Chicago

Now Studio - Timeout Magazine

SERENE SENSATION – February 23 2006, Issue No. 52

Let your body experience healing on a tranquil level. Take a break from Chicago’s winter blues and warm things up with Now Studio’s (2141 W Webster Ave) tantalizing treatments. Cleanse your body, clear your mind and energize your spirit with packages that will ground, balance and integrate the body, mind and spirit. “Reflexology is the house specialty at NOW MASSAGE, where Nourhy Chiriboga doubles as proprietor and sole therapist. Feet are cleaned, wrapped in warm towels, then massaged at points corresponding to various body organs. Expect a focused, deep massage that can at moments be slightly uncomfortable. Surrender and breathe deeply – Your body will thank you afterward.” – Ruth Lopez

TimeOut Chicago

Now Studio - Timeout Magazine

NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT – September 2005, Issue No. 30

“When Chi Healing Center closed up shop recently, it was a great loss to the regulars who came to rely on the therapist healing hands. Nourhy Chiriboga, a former staffer who trained in several disciplines, decided Chi’s closing it was time to break out on her own. She decided to stay in the community, revamping a garden apartment into a calming oasis, which she calls NOW. It can stand for Nourhy On Webster or it can be a call for action.” R.S.