Intuitive Insights

Do you want to learn more about yourself?  Are you having trouble finding the right path and need some assistance or guidance?   An Intuitive Reading may be just want you need.

A good reading will confirm what you already know and you are seeking confirmation about. It should give you inspiration and hope to continue on your path, give you insights as to why things may be not going as you would like, show you an objective perspective on issues you may be struggling about or give you clarity about things you need to know about so you can move on confident and at peace. I will cover what is most predominant in your energy and hopefully answer all the questions you have. Its very common for me to blurt out names of people that are major influences in your life and not uncommon to address family issues that may still be directly or indirectly influencing your personal choices especially with regard to relationships. So together we will put the puzzle of your life together. I will never give information that I feel would be harmful or detrimental to the well-being of my client. Everyone should walk away feeling that they have in some way benefited from my gift.

While Nourhy, has been known to see very accurately upcoming events, timing is something that is elusive – therefore it is not recommended to be attached to timing.

The best use of the session is not to be asking “What is my future – tell me what will happen?” …but instead: “How am I creating my future and what challenges and opportunities will I be facing? What can you tell me about the patterns in my life and how might I strengthen them or eradicate them?”