Reflexology – Healing through the feet


Reflexology  takes a holistic approach to health through intensive, specific massage of the feet.  Reflexology provides many natural health benefits.   It helps dissolve blocked energy, improves circulation and renews balance within the body by allowing the nervous system to relax from the feet up.

For hundreds of years, cultures ranging from the Chinese to the Egyptians have recognized the value of healing touch foot reflexology.  Reflexology claims that energy pathways and nerve endings in the feet can influence other parts of the body in a positive way. “The feet represent the total body,” “When I work on the feet, every cell in the body is represented along with every organ. The feet are like the keys on a computer. When I work on the pancreas area of your foot, for instance, the feeling goes from your foot to your brain to your pancreas.”

Stimulating the feet can generate an influx of oxygen rich blood to a damaged organ, along with the sort of energy described by the Eastern medical concept of the charka system of the body. Its opening energy up to organs that are not getting good energy. “What I’m doing is just assisting your body to work better.”

“Our feet are what moves us forward in the world, and if your feet are really tender, then what is the body trying to tell you? Reflexology is so simple but so ancient — all we’re doing is releasing the blocked energy in body.”

This technique is helpful in relieving pain and stress, restoring circulation to areas of the body, and removing toxins through stimulation.

Anyone who’s ever had their aching feet massaged after a hard day of pounding the pavement can appreciate the basics of reflexology and the fact that this therapy offers to help you beyond the benefits of a mere foot rub.

So many people say they just feel better after they get this technique –they get more than they expected. I’m glad that I can offer that feeling from a holistic approach, rather than by using a drug.

The feet are what moves us forward in this world, and if your feet are really tender, then what is your body trying to tell you? Reflexology is a simple but ancient technique that can really help you release blocked energy in the body, helping you to feel great with a relaxed and a renewed balance.

  • 60 min $110

Make reflexology a regular part of your life. Series cards are available for five or ten 30 minute or 60 minute sessions at reduced rates.

  • 5 – 60 min sessions for $475 ($75 savings)
  • 10-60 min sessions $900 ($200 savings)

Gift Certificates are available and can be mailed out or picked up.

$150 for 1hr House calls in Immediate Chicago area only and you must have a massage table or something for me to work on.