Why you should Love yourself the most.

Give yourself a hug!

Go on and give yourself a hug!

Most people think that love is about sacrifice and showing others how much you love them by giving and giving till they have nothing left to give.   That couldn’t be further from the truth…you have to love yourself the most, so that you can love and give to others in a healthy way.  When you love yourself most, you attract people that love you too and they treat you well. That in turn give you strength to do what you need to get done on this planet.  People who love you are the support system that helps you on your path towards attaining your dreams and working your goals.  Support gets you through the tough times and guides you to success.

When you love yourself, it becomes easier to see the people that don’t support you and you can have compassion for their negative vibes and you don’t let that affect you.  You just let it go with love and light.  All people we come into contact have something to teach us and we have something to teach them.

Love and happiness are an attractive combination.  When you got it, you can attract all kinds of wonderful things into your life.  You become a magnet for positive experiences and people, even romance if you want.  You become a flower that attracts the bees.



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